About Me

Glad to see u.



Ok, YanYue is a nick name of me, my real (first) name is Yan Kai.

I am an expert of IT development and now I am struggling to be a PM. (Embrace changes)

And I wanna be a IT Project Consultant someday in the future.

The sense of career belongings is quite important.

Would you hire someone who is unclear about what he wanna do and plan to do?


Real Me

I Come, I Focuse, I Leave

Life is not all, and so is vocation.

I used to be a workholic, keeping all the attention on Developers' Work.

one of my mentor of career evaluated me: 仕事だけを知っている人,

which means a workholic and know nothing about life & living, women, travel and so on..

But what he didn't ever know is that most of our citizens in china mainland must work very very hard to live a decent life.

Although china mainland is political safe, the law and the rule of our people is not very friendly to youths who wanna live a normal life instead of being a struggle B in some places。

u can think about HongKong's House Price.

Fortunately, God never closes all the gates.

Working very hard always equals making HARD MONEY(辛苦钱), and indeed, one actually earned.

So after I gained suffcient reward, I' m now change back to the REAL me

To Work for career instead of keeping thinking about job's rewardings.


I love working with a group of people, sharing ideas and fulfill it.

Work Hard, Play Hard, it suits me.



I am good at talking and negotiate with people.

I am good at teamwork, connection, network JUST THE MY FATHER develops his business.

I am quite sure from my past experiences that I desire to lead a business.


I love writing, I love Office365, I love docs, just the same as code.



I made myself a decision in 2020.09 to grow to be a Project Manager to Support and Negotiate teammate.

Would it be hard? I don't know, I don't care.


Get me?

U don't have to contact me unless u wanna:

The first one: I will glad if u bookmark this site (I will keep updating major)

The others: u can email me, or add my wechat if u are in china mainland.


thks for ur time