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10/2020 (kick off)

2020 is a special year to me, like the startup year of BMW, Coca-Cola, IBM...

It takes me almost a month to reset or set up my home utilities, like docs, macs, cars, bills, (social)networks, relatives...

After all these work done, I find it Wuhan may not be as bad as I thought.


And since I am not very short of money and lack of time (I don't have rent to pay, family to feed), I need think where am I gonna start from, carefully:


Q1: which business

According to the report of gov.'s investment:


Except for the mining industry, IT & Software is still a good choice.


Q2: freelancer or employee

Since the standard of the average income is quite low than I surveyed before, I need rethink it.

One small Item&Project for a freelancer is 50$ ~ 300$ Consuming not more than 5 days at this very beginning, which is higher than the salary of Wuhan where I can get now.

But one of the another stuff that I need take into consideration is Social Insurance.



I set myself a standard of choices:


Q3: developer or manager?

It depends ? No.

Step confirmly towards manager position under no compromise like salary, interst and any other stuff.


Many thks to 《Horse Sense ...》Al Ries, Jack Trout.

Thks to 《敢爱敢做》林子祥。

I am moving now.


revised at 10/09/2020


09/2020 (prepare for less)

Finally, I made my decision to go hometown(wuhan, just keep quiet and rest for a while) and live in my own house, to prepare my life and career for the extra time of life.

I send a lot of stuff home so that i can be more swift.

Imagine that there is a good team/group which invites you to enjoy them, what kindle of identity u gonna present urself ?


That's what I need prepare this month.

simple base

What does Less stand for ?

See my Blog: Running.


2020/08 (decision need)

stay or leave, that's a question

The first few days of this month I do not hesitate anymore, stay or leave, must be done at this month. After I think from top to bottom, from now to future and compare risk and return, I made myself a decision:

Do u still remember the f**king reason why u are here? I do.(update at 2020/08/06)

07/2020 (parents require)

I start raising an orange cat which always eats too much as he is only 6 months old.


I start using english for my outputs(posts) including coding comments/annotations. And I was required to be a young boss of small tranditional business in a second level city(wuhan) with a trivial, idle living style:

But the price is high, I am struggling to break through, carefully.

06/2020 (shutdown my site)

Attention: Text of this part is out of date.